Raft Building 

Within small teams, you will have to work together to create a buoyant raft using rope, oil drums and wood. But be careful not to sink! This activity requires rapid decision-making, high-levels of communication and imaginative thinking. 


This activity is the perfect way to enhance your confidence on the water in a safe, controlled environment. For younger children, we make use of our sit-on kayaks to reduce the risk of capsizing. Kayaking is a great form of physical exercise. 


Explore just under a mile of Cromford's historic canals on one of our canoeing expeditions. Each canoe can hold two people, and present minimal risk of capsizing. To paddle efficiently, this activity requires great team-work and communication skills. Along the way we will discover an abundance of wildlife and features of historic importance. 

Activity type: Offsite

Age group: 6+ 

Activity session: 2.5 - 5 hours

Water-sports are delivered by our licensed partner company: Acclimbatize



Learning Outcomes:

  • Canoeing sessions provide an excellent opportunity for micro team working and problem solving

  • The forward motion and concentration required for kayaking sessions keeps individuals focused on the task in hand

  • Raft building develops motivation, commitment and problem-solving within a team

  • In general, water-sports highlights the importance of listening and responding to safety instructions and guidance


“We all had an AMAZING time thank you. Activities were great and the instructors were awesome, so a big thank you to you guys.”
— Matthew Clark, Equip Outdoors Technologies UK Ltd