Bringing education outdoors 

We know that learning can successfully extend beyond the classroom walls and into the great outdoors! When done effectively, learning outside of the classroom transfers into a wealth of life skills, and changes in attitudes and behaviors. 

Primary Schools

Our Centre provides a safe, friendly environment where children have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, try out new activities, and develop their self confidence away from home. We tailor your class's activity day or residential specifically to your learning objectives and aims.  

Outdoor Learning CPD for Teachers!

We support school staff in overcoming the barriers to teaching and learning in natural environments. Our Outdoor Learning CPD programmes are designed to develop teachers' confidence, competence and self-efficacy for delivery high quality lessons in the outdoors. 

Resources for Teachers

We have created a page specifically for you! Here, you can download a selection of resources and materials which will make the organisation of your residential or activity day a lot easier. These tools will help you make the most of your Mount Cook experience! 

Secondary Schools

We are dedicated to providing unique and challenging experiences which will broaden the horizons of your pupils. Our activities help young people to discover new opportunities, expand their appetite for learning, develop key skills and increase attainment. 

History Packages

Join us on an adventure back in time! Our interactive History Packages will engage your primary pupils with the primitive Prehistoric Age, the powerful Roman Empire and the Industrious Victorian Era. We provide unique educational experiences which will inspire both teachers and pupils! 

Planning Tools

Read, download and use any of our free planning tools. These resources are designed to simplify the residential planning process, and include a ‘Planning a Residential Flowchart’, a Group Leader Information Pack and a Parent/ Guardian Permission Letter.