Roman Invader Timeline.png

Roman Invader Educational Package 

The story of Roman Britain started in 43 AD when the Roman army landed on the beaches of Kent. However, Britain wasn't conquered overnight! It took around 30 years of fighting for the Romans to control most of southern Britain. 



Experience life in Roman times and meet a real life Roman soldier! Dress up in Roman armour and invade our Celtic Roundhouse. Shoot a Roman style bow and arrow, and learn more about Roman roads by building a cart to transport heavy items. Finally, discover and handle artefacts from the period with an archaeological dig. 


  • Dress up as a Roman soldier 
  • Invade a Celtic Roundhouse 
  • Archery
  • Land kart building 
  • Archaeological dig 


The price for an Activity Day is £18 pp + VAT. A tasty packed lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and flapjack is £5 pp + VAT. 

Enhance their experience by also booking an overnight stay and full catering! For prices and availability, please get in touch: