Rock Climbing and Abseiling 

We are fortunate, here at Mount Cook, to have some of the Peak District's best outdoor climbing spots right on our doorstep. You will be taught by our highly-trained instructors on how to put on a harness, tie safe climbing knots and how to abseil down a rock face safely. A great activity for developing a sense of trust and communication within the group, and overcoming new challenges as a team! 

Black Rocks climbing area is a playground for lovers of rock-climbing and bouldering! You can walk to Black Rocks in less that 10 minutes from our Centre, without crossing a single road. For more challenging climbing sessions, we take experience climbers to Harborough Rocks which can be accessed by foot or by bus. 

Activity type: Offsite

Age group: 6+

Activity session: 2.5 - 3 hours

All of our offsite activities are delivered by our highly trained licensed partner company Acclimbatize



Skills Developed

The activities provided were brilliant and it definitely showed that the needs and requirements of those attending were taken into account when they were planned.
— James White, Space Inclusive