March Blog: Our Mount Cook Team Away Day!


We understand that team-work, communication and trust is important within a group. That’s why all of our activities are delivered with the aim to develop key life skills, whilst providing groups with the opportunity to share new and exciting experiences together in the great outdoors! This is no exception when it comes to the Mount Cook team.

With a very busy Spring and Summer ahead, we have recently recruited a handful of new Team Members to join our fast-paced Centre. So, last week we all ventured off the Mount Cook site and over to Castleton, in Derbyshire, to get to know each other better with a team-bonding away day!

After donning our hiking boots and rucksacks, we started the day underground with a visit to Speedwell Cavern. We put on our hard-hats and trekked the 105 steps into the hidden cave entrance, where we hopped onto a metal boat driven by a man who called himself ‘Teapot’. Teapot steered us into the 200-year-old mine (with the occasional ‘bump’ and ‘crash’ into the tunnel walls), as he recounted the mine’s historic story as one of the most unsuccessful lead mines in the country.

Glad to feel the sunshine on our faces, we exited the mine and took a quick walk up one of the many hills surrounding Winnats Pass to admire the view. What a gorgeous day!

Next, it was onto lunch at Tilly’s of Castleton where we enjoyed some Welsh Rarebit, hot paninis and cake. Delicious!

We then explored Castleton’s natural cave system, Peak Cavern, or fondly known by locals as ‘The Devil’s Arse’! In the entrance to the cave is the remains of an ancient village, where communities lived making rope for the local lead mines for over 400 years. We then followed the footsteps of Queen Victoria, who visited when she was 15 years old, into the Great Cave and down into the Devil’s Cellar where you can hear the source of the river Styx. The Devil’s Arse has been used as a set for numerous films and TV shows over the years, and remnants of props can be found throughout the cave.

We resurfaced from the cave and hopped into our cars towards the next destination: Mam Tor. Once we’d climbed to the top of the hill, our Director Colin surprised the group by providing us all with a kite. We had a lot of fun battling with the strong winds, as our kites swooped and dived uncontrollably in the air.

Finally, we headed back to Middleton for dinner and a pint at our favourite local: The Rising Sun!

A massive thank you to Colin and Robin, the Mount Cook Directors, for organising this fantastic team-building day. Looking forward, we can’t wait for the busy season to start! We have students from the University of California joining us in April, our Easter Half-Term Holiday Club (which has already proven very popular), a Glamping and Pizza weekend in May to celebrate the completion of our new Pods and our second Mount Cook wedding in June. Bring it on!