Meet the Team: Mary Reynolds

We caught up with Mary, our Executive Coordinator, to find out where she has travelled, and what's next on her adventurous agenda!

Where did your passion for the outdoors come from?

 My parents are both very outdoorsy, my siblings and I were always encouraged to get out and explore the outdoors and were lucky enough to go on lots of adventurous holidays. I decided to continue my love of the outdoors by studying Outdoor Education with Adventure Tourism at University.

 What is your favourite outdoor activity, and why?

 I have always loved mountain biking, the achievement of making it to the top and the reward of speeding down!

  Is there an adventurous activity that you would love to try, but haven’t yet had the chance?

 I would really like to try scuba diving, it would be amazing to see what goes on beneath the surface of the water.  

 What’s been your greatest outdoor experience in Britain?

 I went winter mountaineering in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. It was tough but the scenery was more than enough to make up for it!

 Of all the places you’ve visited outside of the UK, which has left the most lasting impression?

 New Zealand! I lived there for a year in 2012 and fell completely in love with the stunning countryside and the laid back nature of the people. It’s the perfect place for any adventurer!

If you were a British wild animal, what would you be?

A squirrel, I’d spend my days climbing trees!

What’s your favourite food to eat in Derbyshire?  

I don’t think it’s an original Derbyshire delicacy but they do it well…Pork Pies!

 What’s the best thing about Derbyshire as a whole?

 The countryside.

 If you’ve had a bad day, where in Derbyshire would you escape to?

 The Nine Ladies in Birchover, I love to walk the dogs around the surrounding areas and there’s some great real ale pubs to quench your thirst along the way!  

 What’s the next big or small adventure you have planned?

I hope to go skiing again in March, I can’t wait to get back on the slopes! The following summer I would like to go on a mountain biking holiday in the Pyrenees.