October Blog: Fungi Foray


We kicked off the Autumn season with a fantastic Fungi Foray at our Centre, on Sunday 1st October. The course was delivered by Derbyshire-based wild mushroom fanatics Get Funghi, who regularly venture to West Sweden to explore and forage. 


The event included a gentle 2 hour walk down the High Peak Trail and over to Black Rocks, where the course leaders Deb and Bengt worked with the group to identify and forage for local wild mushrooms. Deb said: "we really enjoyed meeting the group and found a lot more mushrooms than we had anticipated." 

Deb and Bengt also brought along plenty of examples including the poisonous mushrooms to stay away from, and the tasty mushrooms that work well in your cooking at home. The group learnt how to identify the different mushrooms and their unique features, as well as handy tips on how to preserve and prepare the fungi at home. 

By lunchtime, the group retired back to Mount Cook with a few mushrooms in hand, where they lit the BBQ and dined al fresco. Lunch included tasty bread, sausages and wild mushrooms, eaten in the Centre's outdoor communal pod. Everyone was kept warm with plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits. 

Overall, the event was informative and lots of fun. We would like to thank Deb and Bengt for their hard work, and we hope to host another Fungi Foray at our Centre very soon! 

If you would like to organise a private Fungi Foray for a small group at our Centre, in collaboration with Get Funghi, please get in touch