Dear Teacher, We know your time is precious...


Dear Teacher, 

You have one of the busiest jobs in the world. You spend late nights and weekends working through mountains of marking and inputting numbers into dreaded data collection sheets. You run after-school clubs, stay behind to help a student and miss at least one lunch a week. You work hard to excite, inspire and enthuse your pupils everyday, even if you are a bit tired. How do I know this? My partner is a secondary school science teacher, and I think you guys are some of the most hard-working people around. 

We all know the extremely positive impacts brilliant residentials can have on young learners of all ages. But we don't want the organisation of a school residential trip to feel like another mammoth task to add to the list!

Your time is a precious. That's why we have created a range of free resources and tools specifically designed for teachers, which we hope will make your life a little bit easier. Here's what's included: 

Resources for Teachers

There's no need to spend hours writing risk assessments! You can access, download and use all of our risk assessments, which have been externally assessed by The British Activity Providers Association (BAPA). There is also information about the accrediations that we currently hold, including the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge (LOtC). If you have SEN children or young people in your group, take a look at our Outdoors for All page which provides details about our Centre's accessibility and provision for disabled guests. 

Planning Tools

Organising a residential for a class, year group or entire school can be an overwhelming task! Take a look at and use our free planning tools, which we hope will simplify the whole process. Our colourful Benefits of Residentials infographic provides evidence for the wide range of positive impacts a residential experience can have upon children and young people, thanks to the fantastic research conducted by Learning Away. To identify the aims and objectives of your residential experience, you can also download and print out the Planning Flowchart. To save you even more time, we have even created a generic Permission Letter which you can download, edit and send out to parents / guardians. Finally, our Group Leader Information Pack includes kit lists, information on sleeping arrangements, our payment procedure and directions to our Centre - PHEW!

We have also made our Primary and Secondary schools pages a lot more informative, added a page about Winter Residentials (and why you should book one!), plus there's useful videos and official reports that you can use and download. 

If you think there's something missing, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the small form below and let us know what resources and planning tools you would like to see on our website: 

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A Mount Cook activity residential is for you and your pupils to enjoy! We hope that these resources will save you some time, and will allow everyone to get the most out of their Mount Cook experience. 

For information on our activity residentials, please don't hesitate to get in touch