Why book a 'Big Kids' Weekend?


Adulthood doesn't have to be dull! If you are suffering from a bout of adult apathy, then it's time to reconnect with your inner kid, scrape your knees and come & join us here at Mount Cook for a weekend of fantastic outdoor activities. 

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Our brand new Big Kids Weekend launches in a matter of weeks, let your hair down & come and join us for a weekend of entertaining activities!

What does the weekend involve?

Take part in some awesome outdoor activities such as our Zip Wire, High Ropes or the hilarious Archery Tag followed by a delicious homemade pizza cooked in our all new Outdoor Pizza Oven. Enjoy drinks from our licensed bar with a range of bottled beers, wines and spirits. Then, after a busy day of activities, take time to relax in our popular Glamping Pods ready for a tasty cooked breakfast the following morning. 

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How much does it cost? 

The price is only £39 per person, for a weekend of adventure, the opportunity to let your hair down and to spend some quality time with close mates! Guests must be aged 20 years or over to take part in our Big Kids Weekend but don't be afraid to let out your inner-kid while you're here! 

Benefits of our Big Kids Weekend

Mount Cook's Big Kids Weekend's not only provide you with the opportunity to kick back and escape from the world of "responsibility", but help you in a number of other ways too...

  • A weekend of physical activity brings about that Feel Good Feeling and is scientifically proven to reduce stress that a lot of us carry on our shoulders. 

  • The more you move around and enjoy yourself with some hilarious activities the better you will sleep! This allows for better focus on tasks you set yourself throughout the day and allows you to burn built up energy you have!

  • Teamwork makes the dream work! A lot of our activities that we offer entail teamwork to be carried out within your groups, this helps you to trust one another and builds stronger relationships with your mates.

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How do I book?

Booking our Big Kids Weekend is as easy as can be! We have 10 Glamping Pods which all sleep 4 guests. To reserve a place in a Glamping Pod, please email us at explore@mountcook.uk . En-suite bedrooms are available too if the Pods become full!

Our next available weekend for a Big Kids Weekend is 25th August 2018, followed by the 8th September. Click below to book. Don't hesitate to contact us at explore@mountcook.uk or 01629 823 702 for more details.