Top Ten Camping Tips


Fed up of your tent leaking every year? Just not sure how to make the perfect campfire? Do not fear, Mount Cook are here! This is the Mount Cook guide on the top tips for camping this year suggested by our staff members. 


1. "In tent and out tent footwear"

Wellies and hiking boots are what comes to mind when we go camping, however we shouldn't forget about the importance of "in tent" footwear after a long day out and about. "In tent" footwear is an essential after a day out and stops your tent smelling of stinking shoes! As well as this, there's nothing more important while camping than wearing flip-flops to go for a shower too due to everybody's sweaty feet from their explorations throughout the day.

2. "Camp Near a Pub"

Apparently, the way to a successful camping trip is to camp near a pub. This is for several reasons, the first reason is that it is a nice area to brush your teeth before you go to sleep! Secondly, a pub is an area to take refuge in case the British weather decides to take action and thirdly, a pub provides you with that ever-so-lovely pub grub & cosy area to drink and relax with the locals.

3. "Have a trial run!"

Make sure you practise setting up your tent in your back garden before you set off on your adventure! This allows you to understand the way the tent goes up and ensure you have everything that you need for your camping trip, making the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

4. "Bring a headtorch!"

Why take a headtorch I hear you ask? Unlike a normal handheld torch, or even a phone torch, a headtorch allows you to use your hands to complete tasks easily and provides an easily accessible source of light for you! A common mistake while camping is bringing insufficient lighting, this can be a huge mistake when you need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

5. "Read the Rules"

Whether you are Festival Camping, Wild Camping or Campsite Camping, you should always read the rules of the land. Where you choose to stay may have rules and regulations on things such as a minimum/maximum tent sizes to rules on BBQ'ing and group sizes. It is always best to check these rules to ensure you can make the most out of your camping trip.


6. "Bring a First-Aid kit!"

It's always a good idea to bring a First-Aid kit while camping, you never know what's around the corner. From biting bugs to sharp sticks, being prepared is a great plan. First-aid bumbags are now available to purchase too which lead to easy handling and are useful to grab if you ever need to use one!

7. "Gather your wood"

If you do plan to light a campfire, gather your wood and kindling early on. This means you can be prepared and aren't searching around in the dark for suitable materials. As well as this, practise your wood formation for the fire so the fire lights successfully and most importantly, be sensible! Have buckets of water on hand for when the fire needs to be put out. 

8. "The Simple Bare Necessities..."

Take what's necessary. Camping is all about exploring and adventuring, as well as experiencing the outdoors. The more you bring, the harder it is to pack away and carry around. Therefore, bring the bare necessities, sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.

9. "Plenty of Plastic Bags"

Plastic bags are the forgotten hero when it comes to camping. They can be used for rubbish disposal, a place to put wet/dirty clothes and even somewhere to separate food from your clothing in your luggage. Remember to bring lots and use them over again which also helps towards recycling too! 

10. "Gaffer Tape!"

Gaffer Tape always comes in handy, especially when camping. If your tent rips, gaffer tape is the perfect, quick solution to mend it and prevent the damage becoming worse. Also. gaffer tape can also be used as a fly trap for flies that may be surrounding your camping area, an ankle support if you sustain an injury while in the wilderness and keep the cold out of your tent when sealed around tent windows.