"Mountains for Mum"


"The Challenge involves summiting all 15 peaks that are over 3000 feet in Wales...this covers approximately 30 miles all on foot."

In May this year, Mount Cook had a Zipwire Open Day as many of you may remember. This day helped to raise awareness of our centre and brand new Zipwire, however, this was also an important day as we raised over a £1000 for Cancer Research. 

Part of our Mission Statement as an organisation is to, "provide access to the outdoors and outdoors for all", which we are proud to offer to those who visit our Centre. As well as this, Mount Cook show support for those who venture into the Outdoors and those who do brilliant things within this element.

Shona and her Mum, Marian.

Shona and her Mum, Marian.

A close friend to Mount Cook, Shona, is pushing herself to the limits, summiting all 15 peaks over a span of 3000ft in Wales. This area will cover the Snowdon range, Carneddau and Glyders. However, the catch is, Shona will be completing the ultimate challenge in only 24 hours.

Shona's goal is to raise £3000 to cover the 3000ft she will cover, all on foot. This money will all be donated to St David's Hospice, Wales. St David's took great care of Shona's Mum, Marian, during her final stages of a courageous battle with cancer. The family have expressed that St David's treated Marian, "like a Queen", while she was in their care. 

Marian sadly passed away on the 29th June, 2018 and she is remembered as a, "healthy, active and energetic lady who lived life to the fullest". Shona is completing such a challenge to represent her Mum's drive and resilience to what challenges she faced. Mirroring her Mum's attitude to life, this shows how passionate Shona is about achieving her goal.

St David's Hospice annually costs £3Million to run, yet 86% of this is reliant on fundraising. Without people like Shona willing to go the extra mile to help support St David's Hospice, they wouldn't be able to provide the astounding care for people like Marian and her family and friends, who were brought comfort and assurance at such a devastating time. 

Please check out Shona's JustGiving Page here and help towards Shona's "Mountains for Mum" challenge this August. 

Thank you.