Guest Blog: Guy Badham


Derbyshire: A Photographer's Dream

written by Guy Badham

Derbyshire is an amazing county in which to work as a photographer.

The diversity of landscape, giving rise to an equally diverse ecosystem, means that as a photographer I am never short of something to photograph. 

My work stems form my love of being out in the countryside. I love walking through Derbyshire, taking time to explore and experience the valleys, fields, rivers, hills and moorlands. 

Sometimes I venture out with a specific aim in mind, to try to photograph a particular viewpoint or animal but very often I just wanted through the countryside hoping that something with grab my attention. 

This seemingly casual approach has served me well for many years. What it means is that I am constantly looking, observing the diversity of life around me and responding to what I see. There is so much to see on any walk in the countryside, from the way the light shines through the fronds of a fern to majesty of a Red Deer stag as it moves across the moors. Nature photography is great for making people really ‘look’ at the world.

Photograph of a Red Deer stag on the Derbyshire Moors, captured by Guy Badham.

Photograph of a Red Deer stag on the Derbyshire Moors, captured by Guy Badham.

When moving through the countryside I carry two cameras, so I am prepared to react quickly to whatever nature wishes to offer me. One camera has a wide angle zoom, which is great landscape and general photographs, the other camera has a 100-400mm zoom, which is great for insect, flowers as well as general wildlife such as birds and mammals. 

I have a few other lenses for specific purposes but for a large percentage of photographs, two cameras and two lenses suit my needs. 

I provide photographs for both Marketing Peak District and for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. I am proud to be associated with two organisations that do so much positive work across Derbyshire and they are another reason that I am always taking such a diverse range of photographs. 

I am very excited to be working again with the team at Mount Cook. The work that Mount Cook do in encouraging and supporting people to 'get out there' is very dear to my heart. I've always been a bit of an outdoor nut, walking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing and cycling, so to have an outdoors Centre like this in Derbyshire is just fantastic! 

 Guy is running a Nature Photography Weekend at Mount Cook Adventure Centre on Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd April. The price is £125 p/p which includes two full days of photography tuition, overnight accommodation at Mount Cook and full catering over the weekend. Guy will be leading the group to some of the Derbyshire Dales most photographic locations, to capture a range of wildlife and landscape photography. All levels of experience and ability are welcome. If you would like more information, or to reserve a place on the weekend, please contact Mount Cook on: 01629 823 702 or