The Brilliant Benefits of Winter Residentials

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There is a wealth of research which illustrates the fantastic transformative effects a school residential can have upon children and young people of all ages. Most residentials usually take place during June and July, just as the summer term comes to an end. But there are benefits for taking your pupils away earlier on in the academic year...

The thought of taking a residential in the winter might conjure up thoughts of bad weather and frozen children, but when it comes to outdoor pursuits there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing!

Residentials have been proven to increase pupils’ engagement with their own learning and can help to boost resilience, self-confidence and the well-being of pupils. According to research by Learning Away, 72% of primary school children said that their behaviour in school is better after a residential. Winter residentials have illustrated a lasting positive impact on children in terms of behaviour, attendance and attainment and can potentially develop a passion for learning within pupils at an earlier stage in the academic year.

Taking pupils on a winter residential creates stronger relationships between staff and students that are sustained throughout the rest of the school year. 79% of primary school children felt like they knew their teacher better after a residential experience, allowing for pupils to become more trusting and respectful back in the classroom. Teachers also gain a better understanding of their pupils and what they require for academic success!

Sadly only 1 in 5 children in the UK get the opportunity to enjoy a school residential each year with children from disadvantaged areas having fewer opportunities to take part. However, winter residentials can be a far more affordable option for schools on a tight budget, with many residential providers offering reduced rates over the winter months. The shorter days and longer nights also present a wide range of new learning opportunities, including astronomy and night walks.

With so many outstanding benefits for pupils and teachers, winter residentials can provide an enriching experience which positively impacts the rest of the school year, and provides a greater return on investment. So why not wrap up warm, and get outdoors. It’s a winter wonderland out there! 

Watch this short film by Learning Away to find out more:

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