Meet the Team: Mandy Preston

Mandy in Wanaka, New Zealand. 

Mandy in Wanaka, New Zealand. 

Our new Guest Services Manager, Mandy, has worked in youth hostels, hotels and chalets all over the world. Travelling between Asia, Europe, Canada and the States, Mandy always has an interesting story to tell. Now she has settled back in Derbyshire, eager to take on a new challenge: helping to make Mount Cook a success...


Where did your passion for the outdoors come from?

My Dad has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast so I was introduced to various pursuits such as rock climbing and cycling at a very young age.


What is your favourite outdoor activity, and why?

I have a passion for snowboarding. I have only been introduced to the sport during the last 3 years so it’s exciting to be at the stage where I am constantly improving my speed and technique.


Is there an adventurous activity that you would love to try, but haven’t yet had the chance?

I’d love to complete the three peak challenge but haven’t found myself a designated driver yet!


What’s been your greatest outdoor experience in Britain?

I was very lucky to visit the Isle of Wight on a school trip where we spent the weekend learning a variety of water sports. It has been an experience that has stuck with me throughout my adult years.


Of all the places you’ve visited outside of the UK, which has left the most lasting impression?

New Zealand; it is an outdoor, adventurer’s paradise.


 If you were a British wild animal, what would you be?

Hedgehog; I’m a rather small, nocturnal creature who likes to curl up in a ball when sleeping!


What’s your favourite food to eat in Derbyshire?

Bakewell tarts, without a doubt!


What’s the best thing about Derbyshire as a whole?

We’re positioned right in the heart of the UK with a National Park ready to explore on our doorstep. With gorgeous, green pastures and rugged landscapes; what more could anyone want?


If you’ve had a bad day, where in Derbyshire would you escape to?

The river Dove is a wonderful escape. I like to sit by the water’s edge and listen to the stream trickle by; it’s so therapeutic.


What’s the next big or small adventure you have planned?

This summer is full of excitement for me. Not only are there plenty of festivals in the local area that I love to visit, I also plan to ride the longest zip wire in the UK this year.