Our World: 10 reasons why our planet is amazing!

Sometimes it's easy to forget how big our world is! We share this beautiful planet with 7.4 billion other human beings, along with up to 50 million species of animal (and counting). Despite Earth being one of millions of planets in the Universe, we're unique in the fact that our planet can support life. We're yet to find another planet in the Universe like ours, which is a more than a good reason for us to look after it! Here's some interesting facts about our planet that you might not have known: 

1. The world's tallest tree is a coast redwood named 'Hyperion' in California, measuring more than 360 feet or 110 meters. A typical redwood tree will live for up to 700 years, although one has been documented to have been 2000 years old! 

2. The average honey bee worker will live for just 5-6 weeks, and produce around a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in this time! Honey doesn't spoil, and you can supposedly eat honey that's 3000 years old. 

3. The Mantis Shrimp can swing its claw so fast that it boils the water around it, and creates a flash of light! 

4. An everyday 5p plastic bag can take up to 20 years to decompose, whilst a plastic bottle can take up to 450 years! Every year we use 1.6 billion barrels of oil to produce the world's plastic bottles. 

5. The largest glacier in the world is the Lambert-Fisher Glacier in Antarctica. At 250 miles long, and up to 60 miles wide, this ice stream alone drains about 8% of the Antarctica Ice Sheet. 

6. It takes the Hubble telescope about 97 minutes to complete an orbit of the Earth, despite travelling at 28,000 km/h! The Hubble's greatest achievement was measuring the age of the Universe to be 13.8 billion years old. 

7. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world and can live up to 70 years old. They are the only mammals in the world that can't jump! This doesn't make them stupid, however. An elephant brain is 4 times bigger than a humans, and have been known to cry, play, remember, and laugh! 

8. On average, women tend to live longer than men. The oldest woman ever recorded was Jeanne Calment (1875 - 1997) from France who lived to 122 years old! The longest lifespan for a man that was ever recorded was Jiroemon Kimura (1987 - 2013) of Japan, who died at age 116. 

9. Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year, simply by forgetting where they have buried their acorns. 

10. The world's largest flower is called the Rafflesia Aroldii, which can grow up to 3ft across and weigh up to 24 pounds. The natives of Indonesia, where the plant grows, call the flower the Corpse Plant  as when in bloom it gives off a smell like 'rotting meat' - nice!