New Year's Blog

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Here at Mount Cook we hope 2016 is a fantastic year for you full of adventure. To kick off 2016 we are writing our first newsletter to give you a glimpse of what’s coming up in 2016, a few facts about Mount Cook and some good reasons to be out and about this winter.

Coming up in 2016

March: - The roof goes on the building

May: - The building will start to be fitted out for the kitchen, bedrooms, classrooms and more.

June: - Mount Cook Adventure Centre open event!

July: - The first group of young people arrive at the centre for two days trial

August: - The centre is in full swing with youth groups already booking up half the centre

September: - The wonderful Wirksworth arts festival will be here again and this year we will be ready to get involved!

December: - The Mount Cook Christmas party


Check out our new website!

Yes, our days of a single splash page are over. Click on the link below and explore the new Mount Cook website. Find out facts about the centre and what adventures and activities we will be offering after the grand opening in June 2016.  A big thank you to Zara Dopson for the website creation and the lovely infographics. Visit for more.




Baby it’s cold outside….. but there’s a winter wonderland out there


It’s the time of year for chocolate, cheese and curling up by the fire. As tempting as it is to live this cat lifestyle, we urge you to take a step outside to enjoy the cold air in your lungs and nature’s beauty at this time of year.

Here are some of the benefits of getting out and about:

Your mood: If you’re feeling a little blue, it may be down to the winter weather. The cloudy skies and dark days mean more time spent indoors means a lack of vitamin D. The best way to combat this is to get as much natural sunlight as possible; even on overcast days some sunlight will still penetrate those gloomy clouds and light you up.

Energy boost: When your bed is so cosy and outside so cold, sometimes it feels impossible to get yourself up and going. A great way to improve your energy levels is to spend more time exercising outdoors. This is recommended by the NHS!

Your body’s natural defences: There are some tests that show exercising can boost your immunity helping your body fight off colds and flu. This can be done in the gym but Mount Cook loves running and walking outdoors for the fresh air and the wildlife.

The wildlife: Winter is a great time for finding wildlife. With fewer leaves on the trees birds are easier to spot. Woodpeckers and Tawny Owls begin their courtship display in winter and not forgetting our friendly Robin.


Did you know? – Mount Cook Adventure Centre will power it’s cosy underfloor heating with air source heat pumps. Even if it’s cold outside these heat pumps can still draw heat from the air and use it to heat water.

Did you know? – Mount Cook is a mountain in New Zealand. The reason the organisation is named after the mountain is because co-founder Robin was camping just below it when he came up with the adventure centre idea.

Did you know? – There’s a disused barn on the site. The current plan is to convert it into something akin to the Inca sun temple in Peru. This means once a year on the summer solstice, the sun will shine through one window and illuminate the carvings inside. What would you do with the disused barn? Post on our facebook or Twitter with ideas.